The meirmaid 90x120 i sølvramme

Changing the wold 100x100x5

Crosing the river 80x120 i sort træramme solgt

Power 90x120  solgt

Dansen 100x100 i sort træramme solgt

Badepige i solnedgang 100x100x3

Mauntins 90x120

It is in his kis 100x100 i sølvramme

After Party 100x100 i sølvramme solgt.

Butterfly 100x100 i sort træ ramme

Big Flower 100x100 x3

3 kvinder 120x90x2 solgt

Hyldest 120x100x2

Easter 120x90 Privat Eje

wonderland 90x120 i sølvramme

Happy 90x120 solgt

Ild og vand 80x120 i sort træramme solgt

Lady in red 80x120 i sølvramme

De 3 -  80x120 i sort træramme

lovley day  80x120 i sort træramme.

Bles the family 80x120 sort træ ramme

Somthing in the aier 90x120 i sølvramme.

IMAGINE 90X120x3  Solgt

Sommerglæde 100x100 i sort ramme


I am 80x80

Gooing Too 80x80

Bee good 80x80